Is Netflix Worth the Money you Spend?

Are you a Netflix subscriber, then you must have noticed that the pricing increased already, right? It has been noticed by millions of people that an increase of 1 to 2 USD has been implemented over their monthly subscription (during the time of writing). There has been an official annoucement saying that price will increase — from $8 to $9 — and that was 1 year ago. Now, here we go again, another 1 dollar increase. Statistics show that the company’s estimated 50 million subscriber is paying a premium of 10 dollars a month.

It has been shown in the last 2 years, the company are struggling to get an increase of their subscribers. It is a fact that subscribers were already leaving even before the price increase was implemented. This can be partly related to the fact that there are lots of competitors offering the same service with a lesser monthly subscription. Companies like Amazon are among the mentioned reason having lesser fee with comparable service to Netflix. However, if you are thinking of getting an Netflix or leaving Netflix, here some little things that I need to point out why it is worth it.

Original content at its best. If you have been following the company. Netflix has been highly regarded for its production of original contents. Tv networks are way beyond, as far as, this category is concern. Most TV networks copy contents and/or ideas with each other. Even HBO and Time Warner are guilty of this copy & paste style of contents. Not to mention the fact that HBO is pricing their service way above than that of Netflix. Yes, some cable companies charge way less but if you really analyze it, you are being rip off. Why? You need still need to pay extra dime just to get your favorite shows from HBO, and the likes since it is not included in the default service listings.

The effort of investing to original contents and making them before any other companies does is one of the reason why Netflix is one of the best in the business. The plan of the company, as revealed, is to give its consumers 50/50 split contents — 50 originals and the other 50 is from licensed third party production. With such contents, I think the 10 dollar monthly dues is just right.

Enormous amount of licensed contents. As mentioned above, there is a 50-50 split between originals and licensed contents from the company. There are so many to choose from that it is even hard to justify that they are only charging you a couple of bucks. If HBO can offer a bunch of options to its viewers, then Netflix offers way more. That’s not even talking of their original contents.

Netflix is more than just a service provider. The company implements an AI (artificial intelligence) that will help you organize the shows that you will mostly likely enjoy. This can also be seen in Amazon but since Netflix is ahead of the game, it has way more advanced algorithm making the best in the business.

Netflix has a budget of way more than 6 Billion dollars giving them an edge to its direct competitors. If you are familiar HBO has only a third of Netflix’s budget and only half goes to the production of the originals. That alone can give you a good idea that Netflix is the best in business and that your money is all worth it.

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