Frequently Asked Questions


1.In which countries is Netflix currently not available?
Netflix is not and will not be available in the following countries: Crimea, North Korea and Syria in the future. This is due to U.S. government restrictions to those countries.

2.Will using the same Netflix account in a different country affect what I can watch?
No. Netflix selection and suggestions depends on the user’s specific geographic location, not its origin of subscription.

3.Why can’t I take a Netflix screenshot on my device?
Netflix used to allow such action, but recent updates prohibited it. There is no direct way of doing it, but you can always get another camera to take a picture of it.

4.How do I delete my Netflix account before I put a payment method?
Log into Netflix account and click on the “your account” link. This can be found at the top right corner. After which just click on the “Cancel Streaming Plan.”

5.Can I use VPN to watch Netflix on other countries?
Yes, the company is strict on such way of using their services. However, there are workarounds for it using high-end VPN.

6/I live in Australian and my Netflix does not have certain things that American Netflix offers?
This is due to the so called territorial licensing. Each property or film has different contracts and agreements based on a lot of things e.g. territory