You are a few steps away in getting your premium Netflix account. Below are the instructions on how to go about it. Remember that you encourage not to change the password of the account to login directly. So the procedure into getting one are as follows.


  1. Click on the Download button below and browse over the landing page
  2. Make sure to disable any “adblocking” plugin in your browser both desktop and mobile
  3. Click on the Generate account (when required to do so)
  4. Retrieve the account (both username/email and password)
  5. Login to that Netflix account, do not change the login details, just login directly
  6. Enjoy watching Netflix with premium services

Note: If you are prompted with a survey, just complete it since it is a security measure to make sure that our visitor browsing the site is not a “bot” and thus avoiding being spammed from unwanted visitors.  And if the Netflix account you got is not working anymore, please do message us, so we can do something about it. Or you visit again our site, for the updated list of working accounts.