How do you change your password on Netflix?

Its one of the most common question for netflix subscribers. When the provider provides you with a password that’s what you always think how to change your password. I am posting here short simple tutorials for all dummies and I keep is so simple that everybody could follow.

1.If you are using a Desktop Browse:

a.Login to your netflix account
b. Select the primary account holder name which can be at the upper corner of your screen.
c. Click your Account and Select Change password.
d.type your current password provider by your subscriber and after that enter your new password twice.
e.If you want to apply your new password to all your devices you have to check the “Require all devices to sign in again with new password.“
f.Click Save

Also If you ask me how to Change your Netflix password From iOS & Android App the detailed steps for that are the same with PC if you can follow on how to change your netflix ps in your computer then you can also change it from your mobile.

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