About Me

I am Nathan.  I am a php, java, C#, C++ programmer myself and  I have created a sophisticated bot  an application that can scan online for premium Netflix accounts and creating an application is just a  piece of cake for me.
With my private site, my intentions are to help those people who have no intention to pay for premium account while accessing Netflix with your phone or computer or whatever devices you are using.  This is for educational purpose only that is possible to watch Netflix movie with free premium Netflix account though I do not recommend this to anyone to get it for free. I like to say that if you really love movies and you want to watch any movie you like then go ahead and buy a monthly premium memberships accounts.

In a sense, if you get an account from my site my guarantee to you that its really working, we tested it first, we login in and log out several times and we spent enough time to watch movie just to test the account. So any account you acquire from our site is legit. And I am also sharing these to you all. Thank you.