Coolest Smart Watch Invented

Everyone was expected to be wearing something smart at the end of their risk by 2014 but nothing really sparked into mainstream and well there were some good smart watches like the Moto 360 and the LG G our watch. They didn’t really have a whole lot of innovation going for them they only had the typical screen that sits on your wrist and that’s about it the only reason why I still haven’t body smart watches because my phone can do pretty much everything that a SmartWatch can. It can read notifications. I can look at the time i mean it pretty much has all the features that I need and I’m not sure about you but I’m not ready to drop two hundred dollars two hundred fifty dollars on a SmartWatch right now. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m waiting for innovation. I’m waiting for a new feature where it supports mobile games. An information has been leaked that Mobile Strike is currenty ported to smart watches. This is true and validated based on the news from this site.

design that’s actually going to make me want to buy that smart watch and pay a lot of money for it and then I found this the secret smart watch it essentially uses a small projector at the bottom of the SmartWatch which is able to display and Android interface and you can actually interact with it with a couple of proximity sensors so it works just like a regular phone. You can use it to send text messages, play games, watch movies or even look up directions
and there’s a lot that you can do with it but there’s also a lot of limitations like riding on this thing. It’s probably not going to feel as natural because you’re typing directly into your skin. So writing long emails for sending text messages are probably not going to be the best uses for the smartwatch and the resolution of the projector is also going to be very important but by the looks of it it doesn’t look to be anything above 720p so hopefully for the second generation they’ll be able to have a better-looking display and some other features include an accelerometer.

You can still access the basic features like messages phone and calendar but you can really run any android apps for any Android interface right now but it’s a working prototype and I’m really excited for it the CEO of the company said that the SmartWatch will be coming in the next couple of years and it’s going to cost four hundred dollars which isn’t all that bad considering what you’re paying for and I think that if they market it well and if it works as intended it’s going to sell pretty well so whether you think it’s a gimmick or not I really like this concept because its innovative and it’s something that no one has really ever done before.

Microsoft Edge The Fastest Browsing Experience

For a long time Microsoft venerable internet explorer was a lot like the cheese burger on the menu at your local chinese joint. It was always just kind of very even though nearly everyone opted for Chrome, Firefox or kung pao chicken instead and could you really blame them. Most popular alternative to IE offered faster performance better compatibility and security and more useful features that left internet explorer in the dust. So after seeing IE usage share drop off for 12 straight years. Microsoft decided it was time to abandon ship and build an entirely different browser called edge and even though the edge logo is suspiciously similar to that infamous E microsoft has promised a faster browsing experience behind the scenes that plays nicely with modern web sites but talk is cheap. How is Microsoft going to deliver on its assurances of all better browser?

Well similarly to how a game uses a rendering engine to make pretty pictures appear onbyour screen browsers use their own rendering engines to show you coherent web pages instead of a wall of garbled junk and Microsoft has developed an all-new engine called HTML which was originally developed from IE strident engine but has the old IE to move which microsoft says will make modern web pages load faster and more accurately and speaking of making things faster edge also no longer supports activex or browser helper objects. Those old internet explorer plugins that were notorious for being super susceptible to malware that could slow down your pc directly to malicious websites or worse. But on all the improvements are just behind the scenes stuff edge also has a new user interface that promises to be less clunky than IE. For starters microsoft has finally decided it’s not a good idea to crowd together browser tabs and the address bar on the same line and has reserved the entire top of the screen for tabs like other modern browsers.

Edge has also moved to a single menu scheme for changing options instead of the messy internet options box that has been with us since freaking windows 95 and I guess well that’s all fine and dandy lion is hold on a second it sounds like edges purely playing catch up with the other browsers here does it actually offer anything that I won’t get with chrome or firefox. As a matter of fact yes edge is trying to set itself apart from its competitors by offering additional functionality without the need for third-party browser extension. Something that lets face it most non power users are not really using. So namely you can annotate and markup web pages just by clicking a button at the top of the screen then you can share them or save them to one note pretty cool stuff and additionally edge features integration with Cortana, the new windows 10 personal assistant making it easy to quickly look up information about any topic you see on a web page I use voice controls or even get things like driving directions or dinner reservations. Despite all these improvements is edge really ready for prime time although the new rendering engine should certainly deliver better performance our tests have shown it still lags behind chrome and firefox in a number of benchmarks and it still isn’t as compliant with newer web standards like html5 as the competition.

Although a simpler you i will be a welcome change for men a power users may find themselves frustrated at the rather lean options in the settings menu. I’m even something as simple as the default to download directory cannot be changed without a registry tweaked. So let us know in the comments can you live without right click paste and go and give edge a chance as long as it means IE is finally going the way of Clippy or are you just going to stick with the other third-party browsers that you already know and love. Speaking of sticking with things we know I’m love we certainly talked about freshbooks a lot on this channel and we’re going to do it again today. It’s designed for freelance workers are small businesses and it makes invoicing, getting paid and tracking your expenses easier with a simple online tools. All those little details about you know the hours worked on this job or your cash flow or other little accounting stuff like that that normally you’d have to get home at the end of a long day and sit at your computer and work on no no that’s all on your mobile device and it has a bunch of other great features that was well.

How To Get Rid Of Certificate Error During Web Browsing

The certificate error message is generated by your web browser. It appears when you attempt to visit a malicious website. If a website that you intended to visit has a fake security certificate, the browser will identify it immediately and alert the user about it with the certificate error message.

What is the key difference between a certified website and non-certified website?

A certified website will encrypt all the data that a user shares with it. It means that the user need not have to worry about his personal or confidential data being leaked online. Conversely, an uncertified website will not encrypt the user data. With such websites, chances are higher that your personal or confidential data is accessed by hackers or anyone who wish to access them intentionally.

What if a genuine website is detected by the browser as unauthorized?

Sometimes, certain genuine websites will be identified as unauthorized by certain websites. This can happen due to a number of factors such as outdated certification standard of the browser, a recent history of the website known to have been hacked, etc. Well, if you trust a website, you can tweak the browser settings and disable the certificate error messages. See the steps below on how to fix certificate error.


Navigate to the Start menu and choose Run from the resulting menu.
In the Run dialogue box, enter regedit and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. This will display the Registry Editor.
In the Registry Editor screen, go to the left side of the window (editor pane) and click open the below listed folder.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /SOFTWARE /Microsoft /Internet Explorer /Main /FeatureControl

Choose New option and select the option titled Key. In the Key space, enter the below given key.

certificate error messages


Proceed by hitting the Enter
Again go to the Edit menu and choose New. Select the option that says DWORD Value.
Go to the value box and enter exe. Hit the Enter key on the keyboard.
Go to the Edit menu again and select the Modify Make sure that the digit ‘1‘ is added in the modification area before clicking OK.

Following the above directions on how to fix certificate error, you have successfully fixed the issue in your web browser. Remember that keeping the certificate error option enabled is always recommended as it will ensure safe web browsing.

The Best Wireless Mouse in the World

Our world has changed drastically over the past decade with the advent of new technologies we have seen a revolution in mobility. We can now run our lives from virtually anywhere the problem we all want to boost productivity but how can we do it introducing scan wireless the world’s first wireless scanner mouse our product is small and portable and gives users more freedom than ever before. It’s the ultimate solution for working anywhere with just a click everything you scan will display instantly on your computer screen. Work smart and increase your efficiency with scan wireless it has the ability to scan tables and text and only a few swipes you can even direct edit on your documents.


Plan your romantic journey by using scan wireless just glide scan wireless over travel books and magazines and create the ultimate itinerary in a snap found something worth sharing with your friends simply swipe scan wireless over the area you like and share on your social media pages with a single click. Being adventurous eater scan wireless can help you to translate foreign languages and make sure you can try new things and actually know what they are skin wireless can’t even organize everything for you. It has more than just control your mouse point in the screen especially when used for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire emulator at Scan wireless mouse is such an innovative computer since it can do a lot of things aside of acting as a mouse it also can scan a lot of documents, files, graph and a lot of really cool stuff.

Why type when you can scan into this cool world’s first wireless standard mouse. It’s a regular wireless mouse and a scanner. it can recognize and translate text from almost two hundred different languages. You can learn a lot from using this scan wireless mouse. So I would choose this scan wireless mouse for it is very simply useful to me and in the future.Scanned images and even read Excel spreadsheets. It creates an editable file that can be used on all your favorite softwares and apps across all your devices z-scan wireless scanner mouse. You can bring this wireless mouse everywhere. This is the solution for working anywhere with just a click everything else can display. It can go instantly on your computer screen work smart and increase your efficiency scan.

Giants: Single Player Gallery – Reaper Madness!

The timely blokes at PlanetMoon sent another build of Giants: Citizen Kabuto over to the office, and this time we’ve been able to play parts of both the single-player mecc and reaper stories. The multiplayer was basically the same as what we’ve seen and previewed before.

The single-player, though, was new — in fact, it was the first time we’ve played the reaper in single-player. The mecc story revolved around one family of smarties. First we were instructed to grab 20 vimp meat to feed the father; if we got the meat, he’d tell us where we might find our lost friend. The vimp herd was close, so this wasn’t a particularly tough assignment. Once we returned the meat, though, the father remembered that his wife was gone, and if we wanted to find out where our friend was, we’d have to infiltrate the sea reaper village and get her back. This was a lot tougher; the base was very well guarded, and even with the camouflage backpack, the approach was pretty hairy. Once we found the wife, it was a battle back to the smartie village to drop her off. She let us know where our friend was, and that ended the mecc story.

The reaper story revolved around Delphi, daughter of the evil queen of the sea reapers, going to Yan the Samurai Smartie and completing quests for reaper spells. This is where the proces for cheats goultines Dofus Touch originated. The three quests all required Delphi to go and retrieve a smartie from the sea reaper guards. Upon retrieving a smartie, she received a new spell or ability. The first ability was the smartie sphere, which let her grab a smartie and drag it along in a floating bubble. When she retrieved the second smartie, Yan gave her the ability to turbo, which allowed for a burst of superfast speed. Once we had this spell, the level got a lot easier, because Delphi could zap around the map so quickly that not much could hit her. The last spell was the fire spell, which blasted the hell out of things and was the best thing about the reaper that we saw, except for her hot polygons, of course. Check out the screens below.

Boom Beach Review and Playthrough – Read and Learn

Ever have an urge to live on an island like some sort of commander (except on land) who has the power to blow up anything? In other islands? Well, with Boom Beach, you get your wish. In this base building game, you take command on a base with troops going in missions on various islands in the archipelago. The missions are fairly deep and engaging but are marred by loose controls and muddy graphics. The game plays as if you were herding hippos on a frozen Minnesota lake: It’s fun for a while, but eventually it’s cold, the hippos start falling through the ice, and who needs hippos in Minnesota anyway?

In Boom Beach, you fight for the potential that exists in the powerful “bio-metal.” Dropped into a trackless environment, you need to stop the forces of Dr.Terror. You will also have to deal with the evil blackguard and the troops of Lt. Hammerman.

Each of the different groups has a good number of fairly complex missions, and the plotlines for each are unique and engaging. Multiplayer mode is at about the second round of the party level. Boom Beach also has a freeform “arcade” mode that involves successively stronger (but not smarter) waves of enemies thrown on a playfield for you to stop.

Controls are loose, which might be appropriate considering you’re manipulating a multi-ton units, but it doesn’t make for very satisfying gameplay. It’s especially tough considering that some of the missions require some precision, and the control style doesn’t allow for it. In general, though, frustration reigns when you need to place that shot just so, with the enemy right in front of you. Your troops’ movement is so sloppy that you can’t manage it before you’re picked off and have to start the mission again.

Graphically, each island that you visit has its own color scheme that tends to impose itself on the neutral-colored enemy buildings, making tracking and shooting at them difficult. In addition to the imposing palette, graphics definition is lacking, also making gameplay difficult. Often, the only thing that differentiates enemies from background is that they move, and that they cause blips on the radar screen. Open new window to visit this site for more of the Boom Beach tricks and tools.

Sound has little innovation but is remarkable for how much voice synthesis is packed onto the cartridge. Sound effects run the range from just ok to major fromage. Who would expect a multi-ton tank to land from a jump with the sound of a sibling jumping on a squeaky mattress? The music is easily forgettable, with its martial themes starting to wear after the first 15 minutes. Still, for the most realistic play, just turn all the sound levels off. After all, in space, no one can hear the tinny sound of a missile blowing up.

With its good depth, it’s disappointing that the loose controls and muddy graphics make Boom Beach so frustrating to play and the learning curve so steep. Still, the number of missions, the chance to play from the point of view of three different factions, and the good use of plot to drive the missions mean that if you enjoy RTS games and are willing to put up with the learning curve, you may want to check this out. But probably not.