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2017 Free Netflix Premium Account – Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords:

We all know there are a lot of sites out there that lie and don’t have the real NetFlix accounts.  In this website, we always try our best to try the accounts first before adding them to our database.  If by chance one of the free NetFlix accounts that you acquired from us does not work, please leave a comment stating so.  Well get it fixed as soon as we can.

Watching a movie with a very small screen is not really a user-friendly experience at all. Why would we have to go to a big-screen and spend money? Simple, it’s because we are not contended with a small one. Though there are so many ways to watch Netflix — it can be in your phone, PC or laptop — but millions of people prefer to use TV to watch it.  It feels so good to watch it in Smart TV. How do you get Netflix on your tv? The answer is very easy if you have a smart TV which has a built in Netflix application. You don’t have to be so techy to play any movies and tv series in your smart tv.  It is just a couple of clicks. Just choose the banner for Netflix and your good to go.While other choose Xbox 360, PSN, Wii or Wii U.

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Do note that there are also a lot of websites who are trying to copy Our little site. Our only advice : please take caution.   Most of these sites are fake or are just made to collect your private data.

Note:   If the free NetFlix premium accounts are marked not available, kindly check again with our website later. We are always updating our database and most likely, new free NetFlix premium accounts can be up on the same day.  Those that we have marked not available are actually those free NetFlix accounts that have been taken by somebody else before you did.

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Download Free NetFlix Account now

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In this modern age of technology, people are rooting for something to enjoy their spare time. And what a way to do it is choosing to stay at home and watch their favorite movies or tv series. There is no need for them to go outside and spend a lot of money. Let alone, go to places where they don’t feel welcome. Why not just be in your comfort zone, and enjoy. This is specially true when you have a very stressful job. The best thing to do is to relax, sleep, and watch Netflix. This is the main reason why accounts with premium services are so in demand in the web. There are so many websites promising you this and that, but in reality there are only a few legit sites like us who can provide you fully working accounts to use. That is what we are taking pride for.

Now if you are concern with the money you need to spend, the good news is that — you don’t have to. This website is here because what you get here are premium services for free. Although, this might sound too good to be true, but we already have satisfied visitors who have positive feedback to back it up. This is the best thing that you will ever do (today). So why not grab the chance and enjoy the unlimited choices of movies (both latest and oldies) and / or Tv series of your choice such us Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, House of Cards, and many others. Do no waste your time and effort going to cinema just to watch the newest titles. Everything is already there in Netflix. This is the new trend, go ahead take advantage of it. There is no need to worry about monthly fees or thinking it’s a waste of money paying for it. Enjoy streaming!

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Television, for the longest time, is the main factor where most of us get our entertainment from. I mean, not all of us have the luxury or the money to travel, to go to cinemas, or to go to a fancy restaurant or a concert. We only have our home and our television, and of course our couch. Back in the hayday of Television, viewers are dependent to signals or what we refer as cable signal from TV networks. Those cable networks are responsible for bringing our favorite shows in our homes. Without them, it is nearly impossible for us to enjoy watching TV, for there is nothing to watch in the first place. Of course, these cables come with a price. Typically a monthly subscription is paid off by the household and it has a fix pricing of a certain amount per month. This has been scenario for several decades up until the internet took the word “home entertainment” to a new greater heights. With so much data and information the internet holds, it is no wonder, the big network / companies are cashing in using a platform that utilize the power of the internet.

For the past few years, home entertainment has been brought to us by the Internet. If you have internet with you in your computer, you can simply browse videos, music or even movies of your liking to a certain website. You can also access free stuff in social media platforms. One of which is the popular YOUTUBE, which is own by Google. Of course, since it is free, everyone has the access to it. And everyone has the freedom to upload their own contents to it. The platform makes money by using ads. This is where some companies like Netflix get the idea. Although, the latter is not a social media platform but somehow it borrowed the power of the internet to run its business.  At first, Netflix is focusing on providing home entertainment on demand. As you can see in wikipedia, the company is:

“Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail.”

As the internet age flourished, the company also utilized its power. Now you have the option to bring with you your favorite TV shows, Drama, and even movies to wherever you want to be. You can view it in front of your monitor, smart TV, tablets, cellphones etc. The possibilities are limitless. Back then this was not possible. Yes, Netflix may have the power to give you streaming power of an event or a show that you want, but you are confined in the four corners of your own home. You can’t go out bringing with you your TV right? Let alone, go from one state to another and be able to watch the latest movies on demand. But now with the world wide web, you only need to subscribe to Netflix, and have an internet connection and you are good to go. No wonder, there are so many people loving the platform that this company is promoting.

With an advanced technology, everything is within the power of your own hands. Watching movies using DVDs or Bluerays has become obsolete now.  And going to the cinemas is out of the discussion knowing the fact that it is so costly having to pay everytime you want to watch something. Unlike Netflix, you only have to pay for a monthly fee and you are good to watch anything in the vast library of movies and shows.

Now the problem with that is not all can afford the fee. I mean, not everybody is blessed with the money and the finances that can sustain a recurring fee. This is where you have the option to use our tool, or should I say the platform that will change your entertainment to a better one. You have here the chance to get a premium netflix account for free. There is no need to worry about this and that. All you need to do is use our tool and generate an account that you can use to enjoy the services of Netflix.

Final note:

Please DO NOT try to change password of the account.  Just login an use it correctly.  Thanks.

Netflix account generator no survey no download

There are hundreds of free netflix account that work 2017 online, the only problem is that, we tend to be very lazy on finding it or maybe because we don’t know where or how to search for it. But my advice if you have money why not uses your credit card. Actually my advice is for you to support the company. Beside they are paying millions upon millions of dollars for those copyright materials for them to use, they pay for royalty.

But, if you really ask me, is there is really a free netflix account and password 2017 that works? The big answer is yes, I remember during few years ago when I access their streaming without any trials or having to pay for it since I was able to find account and password online. Now the other question is it easy to find? yes maybe before but now its kinda hard . Why because there are 99 million subscribers monthly or yearly as they are the largest provider of movies and TV series and the best thing about it, you can access the content anywhere as long as there is internet around.

So why would the provider release or provide free account and password for anyone to use when they are already banking and earning good money monthly as the subscribers keeps growing daily. But don’t lost hope you can still find it here, why there are people who just leave their netflix account anywhere. So what we are doing we have created this supplicated scraper tool which mean this will scrape netflix account across the web and once it find an account, our tool will also test it automatically without our intervention because we design our application that way for less hassle, that’s the power of programming, making things easy. If you call this a free netflix account hack tools nope you wrong we don’t hack their service. This is just only a tool that sees things as we design.

Netflix subscribers pay certain amounts every month and in return they can watch to any movies and TV series they like, anytime anywhere. While the company pays the agreed amount for licensing and as part of the agreement between network and content owner. While they profited so much money I am talking about big money they earn every month I am not sure the figure yet but I have to search that later but I am pretty sure it’s really big. They have money and they get some profit, its not a rocket science to understand that. Why until now they exist because their business is really lucrative

Paying for TV networks, film makers and owners is the biggest expenses. Imagine After 2010, Netflix paying more than $190 million dollars for all those Disney film and tv series that how expensive right. That is why above I really ask you to support the company buy the monthly subs instead of getting netflix premium account for free. It’s not right, please support them. Here’s the overwhelming truth, they might going to pay more than $5 billion dollars after 2017.

How to use Secret Codes to Unlock Hidden Movie/TV Genres

If you’re the type of person who actually watches Netflix when you’re doing the whole Netflix and chill thing with your family or with your special someone, then you know the struggle of spending more time searching for something to watch than actually watching anything. But what if you want a more detailed classification or category than your typical “action” or “sci-fi” subgenres both TV and Movies?

Turns out, you can specify your search to pull up categories like “Japanese TV shows,” or maybe even “movies featuring an epic your favorite Batman Superman Meltdown” and it’s super simple. According to Mashable, you can access these “hidden” categories by typing certain URLs into a browser, beginning with the basic format of Instead of using the hashtags though, you will need to put a number code that will pull up special categories — for instance, type in 2142 and you’ll see all of the “gritty thrillers from the 1970s” that Netflix has to offer.

Figure out the correct code and you’ll have all of the “visually-striking steamy movies” that you could ever want right there on your device. KTLA reports that these codes are actually how Netflix categorizes movies into various sub-genres that are then used to create suggestions for subscribers from all over the world. Now, Mashable has compiled a list of the hundreds of codes to be put in the URL, but before you get all bent out of shape, some of them have changed or are no longer available. We thought we were on to Netflix, but it looks like they’re on to us. But since this is a community, we are encouraging everyone to help out. Post the best codes you find below, and let us share it to everyone.

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